Energy Monitoring


The very first step a business should take to cut their energy usage is to understand when and for what reason they are using electricity. For some of our larger clients, simply switching off car park lighting at the weekend when they are not needed could save them roughly £1,200 on their annual electricity bill.

Industry data shows that 46% of business electricity happens outside of the traditional hours of 8am-6pm.

Common examples of unnecessary electricity usage that businesses are not aware they even use include; Car park lighting at weekends when no one is at work, public houses keeping fruit machines switched on 24 hours a day, retail units keeping display lights on in shopping centres and vending machines left switched on in offices overnight and at weekends.

With this in mind AS Power Engineering Ltd offer the supply and installation of energy monitoring equipment and software.


  • real time data capture
  • chartered data in spreadsheet format
  • full data and trend logging
  • remote monitoring
  • power quality
  • power factor correction monitoring
  • Energy consumption in KW/H, KVA and maximum demand
  • measurement of total harmonic distortion
  • full cost analysis